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Good Evening Your Excellencies. I am really honoured to be hosted by @center4sex #familylife


Tonight, we would be discussing THE ANALYSIS AND STATISTICS OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE @center4sex #familylife


I recognise twitter is a global village, but I will focus on Nigeria tonight because majority of my followers are Nigerians. @center4sex #familylife


Even though, I know the account that these tweets will reach transcend Africa, I just don’t want to give analysis I read from books. @center4sex #familylife


Nigeria is a society where attention is not paid to statistics because we do not have a proper and functioning system. @center4sex #familylife


Every statistics we read are either from an unreliable source or from UN, USAID and some foreign organizations @center4sex #familylife


We have, therefore, put it upon ourselves @AbstinenceIcon to take surveys and statistics from schools across Nigeria @center4sex #familylife


So, tonight, I will share few statistics from schools in 5 South West states, Nigeria @center4sex #familylife


I will also share few stories from teenagers who have been sexually abused or molested by fellow teenager or an adult @center4sex #familylife


At @AbstinenceIcon we believe secrets must be kept secret. So, for confidentiality sake, I would not mention name of these schools. @center4sex #familylife


School 1 in Ogun State, Nigeria – 89 out of 140 students between age 9 and 19 have been abused. @center4sex #familylife

These abuses happened with Uncles, Aunties, Maids, Parents, Neighbours, Teachers, Friends, School mates. Only few happened with an unknown person @center4sex #familylife


School 2 in Ogun State, Nigeria: SS1 – SS3 students – 212 out of 315 students have watched/watching porn, had/having sex, and experience other form of child abuse @center4sex #familylife


School 1 in Ondo State, Nigeria: JSS 1 – JSS 3 students – 33% of them have been sexually abused  @center4sex #familylife


School 2 in Ondo State, Nigeria: 6 out of 10 SS2 students see nothing wrong with having sex before marriage with whoever you like. @center4sex #familylife


School 1 in Ekiti State, Nigeria: JSS 1 – JSS2 students – 76 out of 188 students have been sexually molested, 102 out of 188 are watching porn @center4sex #familylife


School 2 in Ekiti State, Nigeria: 20% of students in JSS 1 – 3 have been abused and molested. 35% of students in SS 1 – 3 have been abused @center4sex #familylife


Oyo State, Nigeria – Higher number of teenage girls in a school in Mokola area are been sexually abused by male teachers, fathers, brothers, cousins and neighbours @center4sex #familylife


The last statistics I will share is from Lagos, Nigeria. Permit me to use the exact word of the victims @center4sex #familylife


I am certain this will shock you. I will give 5 out of thousands that we have with us at @AbstinenceIcon  @center4sex #familylife


Dear Apostle, when I was 5 years old, a neighbour told my mom that she would help to bath me every morning…. @center4sex #familylife 1/4


My mom thought this 18 year old neighbour was just being kind to her. @center4sex #familylife 2/4

Our neighbour would take me to the bathroom and ask that I suck her breast and put my finger in her vagina. @center4sex #familylife 3/4


She would in turn put her mouth on my penis. – Matthew, 16 years old @center4sex #familylife 4/4


Dear Abstinence Icon, I am a lesbian. I was introduced to it by my cousin. @center4sex #familylife 1/4


It started when I moved in with them when I was 10. @center4sex #familylife 2/4


She is 5 years older than me and we have been doing it together for the last 3 years. @center4sex #familylife 3/4


She has also introduced me to other lesbians in our estate. – Tolu, 13 years old @center4sex #familylife 4/4


Dear Sir, I am a stripper. @center4sex #familylife 1/5


My cousins take me to strip club every weekend. @center4sex #familylife 2/5


I moved in with them three months ago and they introduced me to strip clubbing. @center4sex #familylife 3/5


I do not like it but they told me the only condition to stay with them is to join them in the business. @center4sex #familylife 4/5


Though, my uncle knows we go to clubs, he is not aware of the strip club. – Favour, 17 years old @center4sex #familylife 5/5


Apostle Matthew, my sister’s husband always harasses me sexually. @center4sex #familylife 1/4


He became more serious and violent recently. @center4sex #familylife 2/4


I have told my mom I want to leave the house but did not tell her the reason because I don’t want to cause problems but she has refused. @center4sex #familylife 3/4


Every time I see the man, I am scared he will rape me one day. Please, what should I do? – Nkechi, 14 years old @center4sex #familylife 4/4


I was raped by my cousin when I was 10. This is the first time I am saying this out. @center4sex #familylife 1/3


From age 15, the younger brother of my dad’s friend started sleeping with me. @center4sex #familylife 2/3


I usually stay with him after school before my dad comes pick me at the night. – Doreen, 17 years old @center4sex #familylife 3/3


Permit me to add one more @center4sex #familylife


Dear Apostle, there is this Uncle in our compound who will call us, both boys and girls, to his room. @center4sex #familylife 1/4


He will lock his door and put pornography for us to watch. @center4sex #familylife 2/4


After watching, he will ask us what we learn from the film @center4sex #familylife 3/4


and will tell us to do what we learn with ourselves in his presence. –Tochukwu, 10 years old @center4sex #familylife 4/4


Please, let me share one more. @center4sex #familylife


I started sucking my Uncle’s penis when I was 4. I even sucked it this morning before I came to school – Chiamaka, 14 years old.


I know many parents are still deluded and some might say this is fabricated. Please, invite your chat and have a one on one with him or her @center4sex #familylife


Then you will understand that our collective humanness have been abuse @center4sex #familylife


Sometimes, you have abused your child by omission when your exposed them to movies and music meant for adults. @center4sex #familylife


When you expose a child to materials meant for adults, @center4sex #familylife 1/3


you are simply compromising and perverting the child’s perspective about his or her sexuality. @center4sex #familylife 2/3


This is a form of sexual abuse. @center4sex #familylife 3/3


I will quickly share three solutions that parents, caregivers, teachers, pastors, counsellors, imams and guardians can use to help structure the sexual sanity and sanctity of their children/wards. @center4sex #familylife


This solution must start from the home because as the saying goes, charity begins at home. @center4sex #familylife


And then apply in every organization – schools, Arabic centres, churches, seminars and conferences where children between ages 0 and 18 are assembled. @center4sex #familylife


What are these solutions? @center4sex #familylife

Teach them Gender Education @center4sex #familylife


Help them understand their sexuality @center4sex #familylife


Learn the nitty-gritty of counselling @center4sex #familylife


I gave an indepth explanations about these solutions in my audio message, SEXPOSED. @center4sex #familylife


You can get yourself a copy via email and listen @center4sex #familylife


I think I should stop here tonight. Thanks for following. Good night. @center4sex #familylife


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