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Good Evening Your Excellencies. It is indeed a great privilege to be on this platform. #PurposeCourse


Big thanks to James Asu @Purposeicon for hosting me on this great platform. God bless you sir. #PurposeCourse

Tonight, I will be teaching on BEFORE YOU START A RELATIONSHIP. #PurposeCourse


Relationship is critical to the growth of anybody in life. Your relationship will either make you better or make you bitter. #PurposeCourse


A lot of people approach singleness like its leprosy. For them, the end of a relationship is the beginning of another. #PurposeCourse


These people believe the only way they can be complete is being in a relationship. Relationship is not meant for someone to complete you. #PurposeCourse


If you are not whole as an individual, you will just be jumping from one relationship to another looking for someone to complete you. #PurposeCourse


If your wholesomeness or completeness has been defined by being with someone, you will want to stay in any relationship even an abusive one. #PurposeCourse


Relationship should not be seen as a child’s play. It takes wholesomeness and completeness to make a good choice. #PurposeCourse


If your relationship brings nothing but drama to your life that might be a sign you’re in a wrong relationship. #PurposeCourse


Life is too short to waste time with anyone who doesn’t really appreciate you. #PurposeCourse


If your relationship does not inspire you to be the best person you can be, you might be mortgaging your destiny by still remaining in such a toxic relationship. #PurposeCourse


You do not need someone to complete you; you need someone to share your completeness with. #PurposeCourse


By being complete, your singleness or being in a relationship will be by choice. #PurposeCourse


Let’s take a quick look at the meaning of the word LOVE. #PurposeCourse


Love is an act of expressing God by consciously deciding to be committed to someone. #PurposeCourse


But if your paradigm about love and relationship is wrong, you will be spending your time with the wrong person in the name of love. #PurposeCourse


Don’t lose yourself trying to find the love you need for yourself in someone else. #PurposeCourse


You must have been heartbroken before, someone might have jilted you…. That’s not the end of the world. Love still exists. #PurposeCourse


The aforementioned tweets will lead us to the topic of the day. So, let’s get started. #PurposeCourse


So, before you learn relationship tips from another Hollywood or Nollywood movie, before you start a new relationship. #PurposeCourse


Before you start giving your destiny to another person, there are few things you need to know. #PurposeCourse


These things are principles that help you navigate life easily. They are needed to achieve greatness and significance in life. #PurposeCourse


1.DISCOVER GOD #PurposeCourse


Relationship is not man’s idea, it is God’s and any relationship outside God’s standard would only lead to disappointment, resentment and bitterness. #PurposeCourse


Before you go into any relationship, you need to discover God for yourself. #PurposeCourse


God’s discovery is the key to self discovery and self discovery, a key to life transformation. #PurposeCourse


A key to discovering God is building a relationship with God. #PurposeCourse


Relationship with God is not affiliated to your church/mosque attendance; it is not what your Pastor/Alfa told you about God. #PurposeCourse


It is not being a worker in a building called house of God. It is a conscious STUDYING, MEDITATING and ACTING on God’s word. #PurposeCourse


It is knowing God for yourself, it is speaking to God by yourself without your Pastor/Alfa. #PurposeCourse


It is hearing God by yourself and it is acting on God’s word by yourself without persuasion. #PurposeCourse


Your relationship with God teaches you to walk in love – Love that is other-centred; a deliberate and honest giving up of oneself to another person without manipulations or games. #PurposeCourse


In simple language, before you start “lovey dovey” affair, you need to have known God, the manufacturer of your life. #PurposeCourse


Until you find God, you may not know who exactly you are and how can you choose right when you don’t know YOU? #PurposeCourse


  1. DISCOVER SELF #PurposeCourse


People who struggle through life are those with little or no information about who they really are. #PurposeCourse


Until you know exactly who you are, making the right marital choice can be difficult. How can you choose right when you don’t know YOU? #PurposeCourse


Self discovery will help you choose the right career path; will help you make the right marital choice; will help you choose the right network and even the right mentor. #PurposeCourse


If you do not know who you are, you will beg dog to sleep with you. #PurposeCourse


A person who is established in self discovery will know what he wants because he knows who he is. #PurposeCourse


A transformed life is a direct result of self discovery. #PurposeCourse


You are not the car you drive, you are not the platforms you’ve graced, you are not the cloths you wear, neither are you where you’ve been. #PurposeCourse


Answering the question of who you are with these answers is an abuse of personal discovery. It shows you don’t know you. #PurposeCourse


Knowing yourself must be built on depth of character. Sometimes, I hear spouses call themselves fools, witch or some names that would make one consider suicide. #PurposeCourse


I laugh because it takes a bigger fool to marry a fool; it takes the greatest wizard to marry a witch. It is only a great clown that would marry an unserious person. #PurposeCourse


Until you master yourself, you won’t be able to love yourself deeply and if you do not love yourself, you cannot love another person. #PurposeCourse


  1. DISCOVER PURPOSE #PurposeCourse


Everything you sign up for must sync with your purpose – Your career, relationships, business, friends, anything at all – they must all have connections to your purpose in life. #PurposeCourse


@sobafemi wrote: ‘Purpose is the balance sheet of a man’s life. Singles who know this guard their days jealously’ #PurposeCourse


By finding purpose, it is easier to choose who to marry. #PurposeCourse


Inability to discover purpose can sometimes make you settle for anything that ordinarily, you may not like to be associated with. #PurposeCourse


Your purpose gives a roadmap to your future. It shows you what was inscribed in your spirit. #PurposeCourse


I love the way @MrThinkSmart explained it: “Purpose is the eternal destiny of a man inscribed in his spirit by His maker. #PurposeCourse


‘The soul’s capacity to reveal a man’s purpose is dependent on how much illumination his soul has received from his spirit’ – @MrThinkSmart #PurposeCourse


“Purpose is not subject to what’s in existence, Purpose may require bringing into existence what is not” – @MrThinkSmart #PurposeCourse


Purpose gives your future direction. #PurposeCourse


Until you have a future, you do not need a future partner. #PurposeCourse


Until the questions of purpose are critically analyze, you do not need a future partner. GET A FUTURE FIRST. #PurposeCourse.


  1. DEVELOP VALUES #PurposeCourse


Whether consciously or unconsciously, everyone lives according to values. #PurposeCourse


Values are critical in building character and increasing an overall sense of well-being. #PurposeCourse


Values are deeply held personal beliefs, desires and ideals. They are a filter for perceiving the world and acting in it. #PurposeCourse


Values determine decisions and behaviour. #PurposeCourse


Values are a part of our experience that affects our behaviour. #PurposeCourse


Values tell others what is important to us and guide our decision making. #PurposeCourse


Greatness is not determined by what a man drives but by the values that drive the man. #PurposeCourse


A man’s life is the summarily of the values he upholds. The quickest way to know a man is by asking for the values he upholds. #PurposeCourse


Values shape what we believe and perceive. They influence our goals, the alternatives we select and the ranking of these alternatives. #PurposeCourse


Values are belief systems. #PurpsoeCourse


A belief system is a product of a man’s thought in relation with his society, background, experience of his formative years, company he keeps and the vision of his life. #PurposeCourse


Your values determine whether you want to have sex before marriage or not, irrespective of the religion or faith you claim. #PurposeCourse


Before you start another relationship, you need to develop values that you would not compromise irrespective of the circumstances. #PurposeCourse.


Your values will determine the company you keep and make the choice of a life partner very easy. #PurposeCourse


A person without values can easily fall for anything. A man with no values can easily compromise when what he is seeking for is found. #PurposeCourse


A man without values can be changed by mundane things; a life without value is a living corpse. #PurposeCourse


Success without value brings destruction; marriage without value brings divorce;  relationship without value brings heartbreak; life without value is death. #PurposeCourse


The values of a man bring relevance, usefulness and significance to his worth. #PurposeCourse


What are your values? Until you develop one, please, don’t play “kalokalo” with someone else’s life and future. #PurposeCourse


5.I THINK I HAVE TRIED AND I SHOULD STOP HERE. I am damn tired. LOL. #PurposeCourse


You see ehn, your relationship can help you grow and navigate life in the right direction, it can also destroy your growth and cause retrogression. #PurposeCourse


Relationship should NEVER be forced, it is a matter of choice and if someone feels his/her class is higher than you, I advice that you change your school. #PurposeCourse


Relationship should help you get better in life. Any relationship that complicates your life, magnifies your is just another form of life imprisonment. #PurposeCourse


You don’t rush into a new relationship just because the old one just ended. #PurposeCourse


You may rush into it joyfully and you might as well rush out mournfully. #PurposeCourse


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